Simple One Ingredient Hair Oil To Stop Hair Fall & Promote Thick Hair Growth

Simple One Ingredient Hair Oil To Stop Hair Fall & Promote Thick Hair Growth

Haircare is should be one of the top priorities in your beauty routine. It keeps your main in good condition and minimizes damage and hair fall.

But using store-bought shampoos and hair products is increasing the problem of hair fall and salon hair treatments have their own after-effects.

So, what should you aim for?

You should aim for natural treatments that are sustainable, effective and affordable. That you can do in the comfort of your home because consistency is the key to hair fall control and new hair growth.

One such treatment that has been used by women since the old-time is garlic oil.

Garlic is rich in vitamins and minerals like Vitamin B6, C And Manganese and Selenium all of these compounds promote healthy hair.

Garlic is high in sulfur which is proven to be one of the potent hair-boosting supplements. Your hair is formed of keratin and sulfur is one of the main ingredients of keratin formation.

Garlic has powerful antimicrobial and antifungal properties which help in keeping your scalp free from infections. Resulting in uninterrupted hair growth.

Garlic protects the keratinocytes on your scalp from UV damage, these cells are responsible for keratin production.

There has been anecdotal evidence in which garlic oil applications in areas of hair loss has shown new hair growth.

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