Spirulina का ये Knowlege चौका देगा ।

Spirulina  का ये Knowlege चौका देगा ।

It is plante algae,which contains high quality elements.It is great source of B12,amino acid,bita carotene and photo pigments.it is made up of complex sugar and protein which is easily digestable.

In 1983 W. Germany organize a international food expo in which spirulina had give a best natural food awards.In 1974 FAO announced it food for tomorrow.It comes in existence from last 30 years along with barley grass and cholorela algae.its poly nutrients give strength to our immune system.It saves us from diseases.It remove toxin from cellular level.It contains 46 essential elements which are

20 minerals ,18 vitamins,18 plant based proteins,4 Natural pigments,and lipids.


It is very useful for anemia and fatigue

.It works as a bio catalyst

It has 1:1 % chlorophyll which is too much in all natural foods.

It is essential for digestive system

it improve digestion.

Bita carotin:-

It is very important for eyes and it also reduces the chances for tumaor and cancer.

100gram spirulina contains 50 mg carotene which is easily converted in to vitamin A

Xnthophil:It reduces the chances of cancer in the body.

Phycosynin:-It calm ulcer and piles.It also improve immune system.It also contain linolenic acid which is essential for making male male hormones .As per one of the Japaneses reports 45 % of peoples eat it as a balance diet ans 22 % peoples eat it for not to be a diabetic patient.It contains selenium which build muscles and check hair loss.