Stage 1 of Growing a Beard – Men’s Beard Growth Journey

Stage 1 of Growing a Beard – Men’s Beard Growth Journey

Hello hair growers, and welcome to my channel!. First things first, for any of you interested in checking out the new website and joining my hair growth community, you can check out Man Buns & Manes here:

Have a good read of what the site and group is about before joining. Our hair growth community is growing pretty quick and I’d love for more members to join.

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I talk more about all of the above at 4:30 in this video so if you want to skip to that just click the timestamp.

Any how, let’s cover the beard growth topic first, the elephant in the room. I am growing my beard out.

Why am I growing a beard?

Particularly because, it just seems like the next natural step for what I’m doing here on this channel. I’ve made a lot of hair growth content, thus far, and I thought, “Why not grow our beard out?” I have had lots of mentions from, you know, you guys, and subscribers, and people on Instagram saying, “You should really grow your beard out, man.”

The reason I’ve always veered away from it, is because I’ve never felt comfortable with having a lot of facial hair. And particularly, I think that comes from not feeling like it’s full enough.

Like, when I look at a really nice beard, I’m kinda like, “Damn, I wish I had that.” When I look at my own, I’m a little bit like, “Oh, I don’t know if you could even grow a beard.” But you know what, this is all about a challenge, so I am going to dedicate the next three months to growing a beard and documenting all of the beard growth stages in that time period.

I do wanna encourage any of you that have wanted to go on a beard growth journey before to join me, because I will be checking in, once every month, for the next three months. And, yeah, so I just naturally thought it was the next best thing to do, and I thought, “F-it, what’ve I got to lose.” You know, like I don’t have a corporate job that I go to, where it’s not allowed.I can do it in my own home, you guys will probably find it entertaining, I’ll probably find it entertaining.

So, the next three months is all about this. Now there is a few rules with this, okay? I’ve outlined a few rules, and I’ve made a deal with myself, and I’m making a deal with you right now, let’s shake on it. So the rules are, during this growth process, for the next three months, I am not allowed to shave from where I usually do my chinstrap, up, okay?

I’ve also made a promise to myself that I need to take a picture, every single day, for the next three months, of my beard growth to document the process properly. And then, what I’m gonna be doing is giving you a time lapse at the end of the three months, to show you the continuous growth over time.

And I think that’s gonna be a really cool video idea, so why would I not do it, you know what I mean?

The other thing I thought I would be able to cover by doing this sort of series, as well, is trying out different hair & beard growth products that I haven’t tried before, particularly Minoxidil. So I have had a few questions from people asking me if I’ve ever used it before. I mean, I had always heard of it, but I’d never though, “Oh, I wanna use that.”

I never went to that length. So what I’ve actually done, is I’ve bought myself some of this Minoxidil beard growth supplement. I’m still yet to look at some minoxidil reviews and am not even sure how to use it yet lol. But I’m sure I’ll get there. This is actually Rogaine, so that’s the brand, and the actual product is Minoxidil foam. So with Minoxidil foam you’re meant to rub on the area that you wanna promote beard growth. I’m also really interested to see if there is any minoxidil side effects that I should be aware of… Probs should have researched that before paying 60 bucks for it.

In my research thus far I was hoping to find some sort of beard growth kit or beard growth supplements to use but no luck so far. I’ve also been considering grabbing some oil to promote growth but I’m not sure what best beard growth oil on the market is either. I’m seriously a beard growth virgin so any beard growth tips and pointers at this stage would be much appreciated in the comments haha.

Okay, so, we’ll just see how we go, and, yeah, I’m really nervous, slash, excited to see how this turns out.

I really hope you guys join me for the ride and don’t forget to leave me a comment on what you think of all of this!

Yours in good hair,

Thomas In Action from Man Buns & Manes.

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