Superfoods Green Juice Why We Made Organifi Green Juice

Superfoods Green Juice    Why We Made Organifi Green Juice

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Superfoods Green Juice — Why We Made Organifi Green Juice.
This green juice is my go to…

If you’re like most other people, each day you pop a multivitamin.

But did you know there’s a leaf more powerful than ANY multivitamin?

Amazingly, thanks to its high concentration of the potent antioxidant, zeatin, this leaf is bursting with anti-aging properties.

In fact, one single serving of this leaf is better than taking a multivitamin AND mineral supplement combined!

What is this miracle plant?

It’s called moringa.

And it won the NIH’s “Botanical of the Year” award because it’s saved more lives in third world countries than any other plant. Truly, moringa is a super leaf. It’s been shown to…

Balance blood sugar levels…
Improve digestion
Strengthen the immune system…
Flush toxins from your liver…
Boost energy…
And lift your mood…

Yet, it’s so much EASIER to take a multivitamin, isn’t it?

Even when you know it can’t come close to the power of whole foods. And even when you know cheap vitamin alternatives are likely stuffed full of fillers, binders, coatings, and artificial dyes that play havoc with your delicate system.

So let me show you a way to get moringa into your diet, and at the same time allow you to throw that next-to-useless multivitamin in the trash.

Because let’s face it… Moringa is hard to find in grocery stores. And the supplements you find are RARELY 100% Moringa.

But what I’m about to share with you has…

An abundance of Moringa in its scientifically-proven dosage…
Is guaranteed authentic, direct from the source…
Is 100% organic
Costs less than $1.36 per day
And is absolutely delicious…

It’s so tasty in fact, I drink a tall glass of this each and every day. And I suggest you do the same.

Plus Moringa is only one of ELEVEN nutrients in this elixir, each with their own fat-burning, anti-aging properties.

⇒ Find out more in the presentation here

P.S. Almost forgot… Moringa is also an excellent source of sulfur, one of the building blocks in your collagen that keeps skin tight and elastic.

Plus the plethora of nutrients and antioxidants work to strengthen nails and keep hair thick and lustrous.

So this delicious beverage helps you burn fat, strengthen the immune system, boost energy AND makes you look younger?

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