Tattoo Artist brings Joy to those with Alopecia

Tattoo Artist brings Joy to those with Alopecia

“Joy is Bald.”

Her younger years were marred with teasing from her classmates.

Joy didn’t know before what was happening to her. Braids and hair accessories would cover up those questions. Her parents would always be on damage control too, cleaning off vandalism directed at her.

Eventually, her family couldn’t answer the questions anymore. They seeked help and learned the bitter truth – Joy had Alopecia. The hair loss at first was gradual, then it became permanent, and her crowning glory was gone, all of it.

Joy resorted to treatments, painful treatments until her husband, Audie, told her to stop.

Despite the acceptance, she was having a hard time fixing one thing – her eyebrows.

Meeting people would always be difficult, swimming was a bummer, everything that needed to be done quickly was hard, all because of her eyebrows that are either drawn wrong or accidentally erased.

Then Joy met Edwin, a tattoo artist who gives free eyebrow tattoo services for people with Alopecia. He does it to bring joy to people like Joy.

As soon as she had her brows done, life took a different turn. Yes, the hair is still gone but the comfort of waking up with beautiful and permanent eyebrows made her and many others whom Edwin has helped, happier.
If you have Alopecia and would like to find out more about Edwin’s tattoo services, or if you’d like to pledge a contribution to help, you may get connected with Edwin at or via his mobile +63 9173 505432.
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Filmmakers: Raisa Bautista and Billy Joel Bautista

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