Treating Hair Loss and Premature Gray Hair with this Traditional Chinese Therapeutic Recipe 補腎黑髮養身湯

Treating Hair Loss and Premature Gray Hair with this Traditional Chinese Therapeutic Recipe 補腎黑髮養身湯

Hello everyone, if you suffer from hair loss or premature hair graying, then this simple recipe is for you.

In today’s video, I am going to share with you a traditional therapeutic soup which can turn your grey hair black again. The main herbal ingredients used today are Fleeceflower root(何首烏), Female Ginseng(Chinese Angelica)當歸 and Rehmannia root(熟地黃). These three herbs have been commonly used by Traditional Chinese Medicine for many years, mainly to treat hair loss and hair graying due to aging. Fleeceflower root has many health benefits and it has been used in combination with other herbal remedies by TCM for many years, it is known to treat back pain and knee pain but it is mostly used for promoting health aging. Another traditional herb – Female Ginseng, has been used as an herbal medication for more than 2,000 years and it is used for boosting blood circulation. Rehmannia root is also one of the many primary herbal medications used by traditional Chinese medicine to treat weakened bones (osteoporosis) as well as kidney diseases.



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