Why Adipose Derived Stem Cell Hair Loss Treatment has No Advantage over ACell+PRP

Why Adipose Derived Stem Cell Hair Loss Treatment has No Advantage over ACell+PRP

Results of Hair Regeneration, the first ACell+PRP treatment:

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A lady with androgenetic alopecia wants to know if adipose-derived stem cell injections is a more effective treatment than PRP with ACell since the former is a more costly procedure.

New York hair restoration specialist Amiya Prasad, M.D. her concerns in this video, and explains how adipose-derived stem cell injections may cause unnecessary trauma to the scalp, is more prone to complications due to fat transfer and possible hematoma, is a more involved procedure for the doctor and the patient, and a limited sample of results show no advantage over the original PRP+ACell treatment Hair Regeneration by Dr. Prasad:

1:21 — Dr. Prasad details his background training in cosmetic oculofacial plastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as his experience as a hair loss specialist and founder of TrichoStem™ Hair Regeneration Centers

2:13 — How there is no other known associated factor, aside from genetics, for female pattern hair loss

2:50 — How minoxidil 5% foam is the only approved pharmaceutical intervention for female pattern hair loss

3:05 — How the PRP and ACell combination was initially developed to improve hair transplant results and donor area healing

3:45 — How there is no cure for hair loss, only hair loss management treatments

3:53 — How a specific concentration of Acellular matrix and PRP injected in a specific way can reactivate the hair growth cycle

4:14 — What happens when hair is thinning; and what happens after hair growth is stimulated with ACell and PRP

4:58 — The different factors Dr. Prasad and his team look into when treating male and female pattern hair loss

5:28 — How hair loss improvement results are generally consistent with Hair Regeneration, except for some rare exceptions

6:12 — The mechanism behind using adipose-derived stem cells for hair loss

6:58 — The similarities between ACell and PRP and adipose-derived stem cell injections

7:46 — Dr. Prasad explains why he thinks fat grafting or fat transfer may be more traumatic on the scalp as compared to ACell and PRP injections, and why he thinks there is no advantage over ACell+PRP in the results he has seen in his patients

10:00 — How hair loss management is a long-term process that may require more than one injection; and how having multiple fat transfers is not advisable

10:45 — Dr. Prasad’s recommendation

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